Digitizing Workshop

The digital transformation of Master hydraulic pipe fittings manufacturing includes three applications:

1. Digital manufacturing, through the automatic transformation of CNC equipment, the operation mode of one person and multiple machines is realized, and there are 160 sets of robot production lines;

2. Digital management, through the Master production management system, through two-dimensional code scanning and other methods, the production data of the workshop is digitized, and the company's production plan is analyzed and implemented in strict accordance with the data of the system;

3. Digital office, through the use of smart parks and DingTalk, to achieve intelligent monitoring and management of the whole area.

Equipment Process

  • Advanced Equipment

    Advanced Equipment

    The company has a large number of advanced production equipment, using fully automatic precision parts production line, the production capacity has reached the domestic advanced level, the current annual production volume has reached 25 million pieces, which is the guarantee for the company to win in the same industry.

  • Perfect Inspection Equipment

    Perfect Inspection Equipment

    Quality is the pre-determined indicator that surpasses everything and the primary proof of integrity management. From R&D and design to manufacturing, from raw material procurement to factory inspection, from meticulousness to sticking to the bottom line, we face every product with responsibility, face every data with honesty, and ensure product quality is stable and consistent without fear of testing. We have a complete qualification certification system and have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and IATF16949 quality system certification successively.

  • Brand Promotion and Management System

    Brand Promotion and Management System

    The company is committed to the design and development of pipe fittings, pays attention to the market and brand promotion, strives for survival by quality, high-quality after-sales service, and constantly improves the management system.

Equipment Display