Sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, strict management, perfect testing equipment

2021-11-22 14:07:32 嘉兴迈思特管件制造有限公司 Viewd 65

Master is one of the formulation units of the "National Standard for GB Pipe Joints". The wind power project has been selected into the national spark plan, and has been rated as a provincial high-tech enterprise, a provincial tax credit AAA enterprise, a provincial technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, and has a provincial R&D center. 1, more than 30 provincial-level new products, declared and authorized 25 national patents, including 8 authorized invention patents, and participated in the formulation and revision of 55 national and industrial standards. Technological innovation is the foundation of the company. The company has a core technical team of 37 people, including 1 senior engineer, 1 innovation and entrepreneurship leader, 1 Nanhu Baijie, 1 senior technician, and 20 engineers.

The company has excellent production equipment, advanced technology, strict management and perfect testing equipment. The company has 160 sets of robot production lines, more than 400 sets of precision CNC machine tools, CNC drilling and milling machines, and 10 intermediate frequency electric heating precision forging production lines. The straight-through pipe fittings produced by the company adopt the cold drawing process; the special-shaped body pipe fittings adopt the medium frequency electric heating die forging process; the nuts adopt the cold extrusion process; Gas carburizing technology.